Cloud contract risks reduced – workshop done!

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Last week we had a packed room with delegates who attended the cloud contracts workshop in London. A mixture of providers and customers allowed a healthy debate of the common issues.

Customers learned where the risks are in cloud contracts and how to overcome them. Providers learned where the flash points are for customers and how to provide comfort to customers overcome them (or, of course, how to take advantage of unsuspecting customers!).

We covered the following topics:

  1. 100% available ≠ 100% available
  2. Service credits = exclusive remedy
  3. As is service
  4. Data issues
  5. Change terms at will
  6. Termination & Migration
  7. DR + insolvency protection

The feedback was very positive…

“Thank you for the workshop yesterday.  I was re-reading the material and found it very helpful and thought provoking.” I think I’ll run one again in the Spring. Contact me if you would like to attend the next one.


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