Steep rise in data registration fees

 Up until now, registering with the ICO has been a no-brainer. It's one of the questions that gets asked on the sale of the business. The buyer's lawyer says "Have you had any data breaches? Have you registered with the ICO?" For most SMBs, it was a £35 hit to make them more compliant. Of course, registration… Continue reading Steep rise in data registration fees


What to do in a personal data breach

"We are serious about the handling of personal data and keep all your data secure." Everybody says that, don't they? That doesn't necessarily mean they won't commit a personal data breach though. Some breaches arise because of poor security which fails to prevent hackers. Others are due to carelessness or accidents by employees. Many people… Continue reading What to do in a personal data breach


Massive data fines in Italy

This blog has given much coverage to the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation. What changes will it bring? How will the fines jump? Will Brexit affect it becoming enforceable in the UK? Earlier this year, the Italian Data Protection Authority fined a UK web-based money transfer firm €5,880,000. The current maximum fine imposed by the… Continue reading Massive data fines in Italy

Truth & lies

Data: sorting the truth from the lies

I hear odd data myths. Here's a compilation. Myth 1: UK law says I can't transfer my data outside the UK Truth: Wrong. You can transfer within the EEA, to any country on the EU Commission's adequacy list and to other countries with appropriate safeguards, such as the EU/US Privacy Shield. Myth 2: German law… Continue reading Data: sorting the truth from the lies