GDPR Fact Sheet

As awareness grows about GDPR, more people are asking me about it and how I can help. My fact sheet should help. It covers a range of issues: When does GDPR become enforceable? Why is the law changing? Does GPPR affect everyone? What does GDPR entail? Scope of personal data GDPR principles of data processing … Continue reading GDPR Fact Sheet


Great Repeal Bill: I’m Henry VIII, I Am

Henry VIII

I gave a presentation about the Great Repeal Bill yesterday. This is the first time in a while I've been asked to present on a topic other than GDPR. Inevitably, GDPR came up though! The Great Repeal Bill had its first proper reading in the House of Commons yesterday, 7 September 2017. This is not a … Continue reading Great Repeal Bill: I’m Henry VIII, I Am

UK introduces new Data Protection Bill, because, you know, GDPR

Digital Minister Matt Hancock has confirmed the UK government will introduce a new data protection law. "It will provide everyone with the confidence that their data will be managed securely and safely blah blah." The statement of intent (PDF) then lists the changes under GDPR. What many don't understand - or care about - is that GDPR is … Continue reading UK introduces new Data Protection Bill, because, you know, GDPR

GDPR will kill our business


I've heard and read this a lot recently: "GDPR will kill our business." In the same way that health & safety legislation killed manufacturing when that was first introduced? Or anti-discrimination laws killed off the service sector? Or the Highway Code and speeding laws killed off motor transport? This is, of course, typical knee-jerk reactionism. Nobody … Continue reading GDPR will kill our business

Your data is now my no.1 priority…and other GDPR observations

Priority - NOW

I've given several talks and been featured in videos recently about GDPR. Here are some of my observations from those. TL;DR: If you have taken no steps to be GDPR compliant, then you could be one of the first to get into trouble under the new law. If you have taken steps, you're better off … Continue reading Your data is now my no.1 priority…and other GDPR observations

Ask the Experts: Episode 6

Episode 6 was the final one (of Season 1) so we did something a little different. We answered the viewer's questions live on air. We covered a range of issues and revisited some topics we had discussed during the season including "What does GDPR mean in simple terms" "Does the public sector have a de facto … Continue reading Ask the Experts: Episode 6

Service level agreements: Episode 5

Cloud is fast, efficient, scalable, flexible, cheap. But not if you can’t get access to it and we all know cloud is not immune from outages. What’s wrong with an “as is” service? Is there any point to service credits? You’ll be happy you agreed enforceable service levels, KPIs or some other metric when your … Continue reading Service level agreements: Episode 5