Privacy Shield not ready yet

Two working parties, ministers galore... but data transfer law remains in limbo The revelations by rogue NSA sysadmin Edward Snowden in 2013 caused indignant EU politicians to open a dialogue with the US government to update the data transfer regime to safeguard personal data. The Privacy Shield is the culmination of those discussions. The US's hands-off approach … Continue reading Privacy Shield not ready yet


Brexit = Legal Armageddon?

The Brexit debate continues and, with the Leave and Remain camps neck and neck, it looks likely that the undecided few will carry the result. It seems that we can expect more headline-grabbing soundbites until the vote on June 23. The polarised nature of this debate is throwing up some interesting oddities, so you might … Continue reading Brexit = Legal Armageddon?

4 issues under the new data law

Some of those I speak to intend to carry on with their business and not worry about the new General Data Protection Regulation. After all, 2018 is a long time to plan ahead. The UK might have left the EU by then, fracturing the UK back into its constituent parts as Scotland elects to rejoin the EU. … Continue reading 4 issues under the new data law

Data transfers post Schrems

Transfers of data from EU to US can still occur. The Article 29 Working Party has set a deadline of end of January 2016 for Safe Harbour 2.0 to be finalised. After this, depending upon what transfer methods are being used, the data protection authorities will start taking enforcement action. The European Commission sets out … Continue reading Data transfers post Schrems

Data transfers – what now?

As has been widely publicised, the Court of Justice of the European Union has followed the Advocate General's opinion in the Schrems case and has declared invalid the European Commission's decision authorising Safe Harbour. This was a case referred from Ireland about Mr Schrems' objections to Facebook transferring his data to the USA. Interestingly, in … Continue reading Data transfers – what now?

Lights out for Safe Harbour. For now

So that's official then. The Court of Justice has upheld the Advocate General's opinion in the Schrems case that the Safe Harbour Decision is invalid. The European Commission is about to hold a press conference... ICO response here. UPDATE 6/10/15: The European Commission has confirmed that data transfers can continue even in the absence of … Continue reading Lights out for Safe Harbour. For now

Data Privacy Day – who cares?

Today is EU Data Privacy Day. Yes, I know, there's a special day for every day of the year so who cares? True. But here are 3 things to think about. 1. Massive data fines are on the way: 5% of global turnover. I talked about this before and today's a good day to (get your … Continue reading Data Privacy Day – who cares?