What do I do?

  1. Identify and manage risk for customers and suppliers
  2. Provide timely awareness of current legal practice
  3. Help clients avoid GDPR fines
  4. Reduce legal actions by drafting contracts properly

How do I do this?

  • Review contracts to identify risks including “as is” service and exclusions of liability for loss of data
  • Draft robust contracts
  • Localise US terms so that they work under English law
  • Advise on data protection including GDPR compliance

But I’ve already got a lawyer

Great. Stick with them. Or maybe try me on a one-off project to check your lawyer is still giving you best service.

But if your lawyer did your property lease or wrote your will, they might not know much about cloud, tech, IP or data. So get one who does. The reason I don’t advise on leases and wills is because I don’t know enough about them.

How do you charge?

Hourly rates, fixed price, annual retainer. Whatever works for you.

Great, let’s get started…


Nice. Get in touch: or +44 20 7467 8742

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