Technology in Law

Ryan a 15-year-old wanna-be lawyer, is not convinced we'll have Robo Lawyers in the immediate future and he's a little worried about blockchain.


Reflections on GDPR

The GDPR deadline came and went and the world didn’t end. So what did happen? Check out my new post on Compare the Cloud. The GDPR Journey | How was GDPR for you?   Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at


CLOUD Act slaps down Microsoft

There's been a big development in the DoJ v Microsoft case which we've covered before. This is the case where the DoJ had been seeking to rely upon a broad interpretation of legislation passed before email and cloud services became prominent to get access to data held in Microsoft's Dublin datacentre. As part of this ongoing… Continue reading CLOUD Act slaps down Microsoft


Data minefield

The Law Society Gazette held a roundtable discussion about GDPR recently in which I participated. "Some of the people I’ve been speaking to are amazed that there is a Data Protection Act 1998, let alone GDPR. I explain to them that if you look back far enough, we’ve had data protection obligations in the UK… Continue reading Data minefield