Who decides what terms apply to Blockchain?

Companies are finding interesting uses for blockchain. Wave is seeking to simplify maritime trade established over hundreds of years. In place of bills of lading other transitional documents, they propose a secure online blockchain mechanism to buy and sell goods. This might even reduce maritime litigation but only if it addresses key issues like late … Continue reading Who decides what terms apply to Blockchain?

Massive data fines in Italy

This blog has given much coverage to the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation. What changes will it bring? How will the fines jump? Will Brexit affect it becoming enforceable in the UK? Earlier this year, the Italian Data Protection Authority fined a UK web-based money transfer firm €5,880,000. The current maximum fine imposed by the … Continue reading Massive data fines in Italy

Brexit means no GDPR

Apparently, 24% of businesses are not preparing for the General Data Protection Regulation because they believe Brexit means it won't apply in the UK. I deliberately didn't post this on April Fool's Day as it's too serious. The survey results are staggering on two fronts. First, these businesses have actually heard of GDPR and have undertaken … Continue reading Brexit means no GDPR

Prepare for GDPR

Data keyboard padlock

I gave a talk about GDPR recently. For those of you who asked for the slides (there were only 2!) you can grab them here. Also, here are those 10 points to prepare for GDPR: Check you have “notified” the Information Commissioner's Office that you are a data user ("data controller"): quick, cheap straightforward online … Continue reading Prepare for GDPR

Cloud personality!

Well that was unexpected: I've just been awarded Cloud Personality of the Year at the UK Cloud Awards! Many thanks to those who nominated me and for all your good wishes. Congrats to all the other winners too. And to those of you who asked, I'm reliably informed that they weren't handed the wrong envelope. … Continue reading Cloud personality!

Cloud personality?

I've been shortlisted for cloud personality of the year at the UK Awards which takes place on 15 March at Oxo2. Thanks to whoever nominated me. I'm in good company on the list and may the best man (this year all three on the shortlist are men) win! See you there.

Data: sorting the truth from the lies

Truth & lies

I hear odd data myths. Here's a compilation. Myth 1: UK law says I can't transfer my data outside the UK Truth: Wrong. You can transfer within the EEA, to any country on the EU Commission's adequacy list and to other countries with appropriate safeguards, such as the EU/US Privacy Shield. Myth 2: German law … Continue reading Data: sorting the truth from the lies