Ask the Experts: Episode 6

Episode 6 was the final one (of Season 1) so we did something a little different. We answered the viewer's questions live on air. We covered a range of issues and revisited some topics we had discussed during the season including "What does GDPR mean in simple terms" "Does the public sector have a de facto … Continue reading Ask the Experts: Episode 6


Service level agreements: Episode 5

Cloud is fast, efficient, scalable, flexible, cheap. But not if you can’t get access to it and we all know cloud is not immune from outages. What’s wrong with an “as is” service? Is there any point to service credits? You’ll be happy you agreed enforceable service levels, KPIs or some other metric when your … Continue reading Service level agreements: Episode 5

Social media: episode 4

Use of social media is prolific. Poor or malicious use of social media is also all too common.

GDPR: Episode 3

The General Data Protection Regulation is the big topic at the moment. In episode 1 of Technology & the Law we looked at GDPR in relation to data location. In episode 3 we looked more broadly at GDPR issues. There is no magic wand which a consultant can wave to make you GDPR compliant: you … Continue reading GDPR: Episode 3

Cloud contract risks: Episode 2

In episode 2 of Technology & the Law we discussed cloud contract risks, how to overcome some of the key concerns including "as is" service, vendor lock-in, no liability coverage. On the panel there was: – Me (Frank Jennings, Wallace LLP) – Paul Bevan, Bloor Research – Rocio de la Cruz, Gowling –  Jimmy Desai, Keystone … Continue reading Cloud contract risks: Episode 2

GDPR & data location: Episode 1

Technology & the Law episode 1: GDPR and data location

Did you catch episode 1 of Technology & the Law? We covered GDPR and data location and on the panel there was: - Me (Frank Jennings, Wallace LLP) - Sue MacLure, PSONA - Chris Bridgland, Veritas - Rick Powles, Druva - John Easton, IBM If you didn't see it live, watch the recording here. And don’t … Continue reading GDPR & data location: Episode 1

Technology & the Law: lights, camera, action!

Technology & the Law Talk Show

My new talk show goes live Friday 19 May at 2.30pm. It will run for 6 weeks and will cover a number of topical legal issues. I'll be speaking to four experts on each show and the first is about GDPR and data location, the second (Friday May 26) is about cloud contracting risks. It's … Continue reading Technology & the Law: lights, camera, action!