Half mother board half human brain

Robot lawyers to take over

Anyone seen the Boston Dynamics suite of robots? Amazing or terrifying depending on your view. As usual, it's worth seeking out the comments on YouTube. Here are some: "Did someone let Tony Hawk know he's being replaced by a Terminator?" "Should've been 'Introducing Michael Jackson Bot'" "Welcome to the Future" There are plenty who believe the… Continue reading Robot lawyers to take over

GDPR seminar invitation

GDPR seminar – Feb 6

I've presented at many external seminars recently about GDPR. This time I'm hosting my own (free) breakfast seminar in central London on February 6 with Jim Sneddon of Assuredata.  If you're ready for GDPR Day on May 25, that's great but if you're not and would like to attend, email me asap as spaces are… Continue reading GDPR seminar – Feb 6


What to do in a personal data breach

"We are serious about the handling of personal data and keep all your data secure." Everybody says that, don't they? That doesn't necessarily mean they won't commit a personal data breach though. Some breaches arise because of poor security which fails to prevent hackers. Others are due to carelessness or accidents by employees. Many people… Continue reading What to do in a personal data breach


Can you snoop on staff?

If you snoop on your staff's communications, you might need to adjust your policies.