GDPR: Episode 3

The General Data Protection Regulation is the big topic at the moment. In episode 1 of Technology & the Law we looked at GDPR in relation to data location. In episode 3 we looked more broadly at GDPR issues. There is no magic wand which a consultant can wave to make you GDPR compliant: you … Continue reading GDPR: Episode 3

GDPR & data location: Episode 1

Technology & the Law episode 1: GDPR and data location

Did you catch episode 1 of Technology & the Law? We covered GDPR and data location and on the panel there was: - Me (Frank Jennings, Wallace LLP) - Sue MacLure, PSONA - Chris Bridgland, Veritas - Rick Powles, Druva - John Easton, IBM If you didn't see it live, watch the recording here. And … Continue reading GDPR & data location: Episode 1

Technology & the Law: lights, camera, action!

Technology & the Law Talk Show

My new talk show goes live Friday 19 May at 2.30pm. It will run for 6 weeks and will cover a number of topical legal issues. I'll be speaking to four experts on each show and the first is about GDPR and data location, the second (Friday May 26) is about cloud contracting risks. It's … Continue reading Technology & the Law: lights, camera, action!

Will The Tech Sector Take A Brexit Beating?

It is slowly becoming clearer what Brexit will mean: the UK won't pay into the EU and will curb the free flow of people. So how will this affect the tech sector? The House of Lords select committee on the European Union recently published its analysis (PDF). There are a few things you should be aware … Continue reading Will The Tech Sector Take A Brexit Beating?

Massive data fines in Italy

This blog has given much coverage to the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation. What changes will it bring? How will the fines jump? Will Brexit affect it becoming enforceable in the UK? Earlier this year, the Italian Data Protection Authority fined a UK web-based money transfer firm €5,880,000. The current maximum fine imposed by the … Continue reading Massive data fines in Italy

Brexit means no GDPR

Apparently, 24% of businesses are not preparing for the General Data Protection Regulation because they believe Brexit means it won't apply in the UK. I deliberately didn't post this on April Fool's Day as it's too serious. The survey results are staggering on two fronts. First, these businesses have actually heard of GDPR and have undertaken … Continue reading Brexit means no GDPR

Prepare for GDPR

Data keyboard padlock

I gave a talk about GDPR recently. For those of you who asked for the slides (there were only 2!) you can grab them here. Also, here are those 10 points to prepare for GDPR: Check you have “notified” the Information Commissioner's Office that you are a data user ("data controller"): quick, cheap straightforward online … Continue reading Prepare for GDPR