Clearview fined and Amazon scrutinised over facial recognition

Facial recognition technology is being used increasingly around the globe and a while ago I blogged about the privacy concerns. Now, as part of a joint investigation with its Australian counterpart, the ICO has fined Clearview £7.5m even though it doesn’t have customers in the UK. This fine is not surprising given the ICO’s previous actions in this space.

Facial recognition

Also The Register is reporting that Amazon is installing multiple cameras in its UK delivery vans. These cameras are primarily intended to “encourage or help workers drive more safely” and help customers keep track of packages. While this might encourage good behaviour by drivers, it seems it may also affect their pay. And Big Brother Watch suggests it might actually distract drivers. 

It will be interesting to see Amazon’s response about the implications of having all that personal data about their drivers. Another ICO investigation on the way perhaps?

The bottom line? If you want to use facial recognition, make sure you address the data protection concerns.

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This post originally appeared in two parts on the Teacher Stern website here and here.

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