Does cloud multiply data breach risks?

Does the increased adoption of cloud services, the proliferation of cloud-connected devices and advent of the Internet of Things increase the likelihood there will be more data security breaches? Certainly, a recent report suggests (reg required) customers believe that to be the case and calls it the "cloud multiplier effect": 57% believe providers don't have the requisite … Continue reading Does cloud multiply data breach risks?


Cloud contract risks reduced – workshop done!

  Last week we had a packed room with delegates who attended the cloud contracts workshop in London. A mixture of providers and customers allowed a healthy debate of the common issues. Customers learned where the risks are in cloud contracts and how to overcome them. Providers learned where the flash points are for customers and … Continue reading Cloud contract risks reduced – workshop done!

Keep an eye out for pitfalls

I recently gave a talk on managing legal risks in the cloud. This highlighted contractual pitfalls, new rules and new fines. For example, providing cloud services "as is" is almost certainly not going to prove sufficient for the customer that has moved, or wants to move, business-critical IT assets into the cloud. Customers need some degree … Continue reading Keep an eye out for pitfalls

Public cloud has risks

Public cloud has risksPublic cloud can be a great solution but it carries risks. If you know what they are then you can manage them. This short video explains. I will be covering how to manage your risks in public cloud contracts in my workshop on 1 October. There are a few places left but you'd … Continue reading Public cloud has risks

Cloud + data = empowerment?

Data in the cloud gets a lot of press, including on this blog. And rightly so - recent revelations demonstrate there is a case to ensure data is used and controlled properly in cloud. Now a senior UK judge has said privacy laws need rewriting for the modern age and, of course, the EU Commission is … Continue reading Cloud + data = empowerment?

Reducing your cloud contract risks – workshop

In my last post I commented on the state of regulation of cloud in the UK. Where does this leave you? My paper Cloud Law Demystified is a good place to start. We all know that a failure to have water-tight cloud contracts can be expensive, risky and potentially damaging to your brand if they go … Continue reading Reducing your cloud contract risks – workshop


The content of the new emergency data retention law and the way it was rushed through Parliament continues to generate headlines. Now two MPs are looking to bring a judicial review challenge of DRIP, or Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Act 2014 to use its full name. Such a challenge would probably not take place before Autumn 2014. … Continue reading Drop DRIP