Keep an eye out for pitfalls

Cloud buttonsI recently gave a talk on managing legal risks in the cloud. This highlighted contractual pitfalls, new rules and new fines. For example, providing cloud services “as is” is almost certainly not going to prove sufficient for the customer that has moved, or wants to move, business-critical IT assets into the cloud. Customers need some degree of certainty and effective routes of recompense, particularly in the areas of data loss, security and privacy, and that needs to be related to location of data storage. Inevitably its important to pay attention to the fine print that many people, too often, simply accept without question.

For the full article go visit the original post on the CRN website (registration required) and if you want guidance through the contracting pitfalls, sign up to my cloud contracts workshop on 1 October.


Image courtesy of ponsuwan “Finger Pushing Cloud Icons” /”.

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