Cloud contract risks reduced – workshop done!

  Last week we had a packed room with delegates who attended the cloud contracts workshop in London. A mixture of providers and customers allowed a healthy debate of the common issues. Customers learned where the risks are in cloud contracts and how to overcome them. Providers learned where the flash points are for customers and… Continue reading Cloud contract risks reduced – workshop done!


Microsoft vs the long arm of US law

Hey you, get off of our cloud The US government can get access to your data stored outside the United States. A controversial ruling by the New York District Court made it clear earlier this year just how far US warrants can extend. The judge ruled that Microsoft had to hand over customer data it… Continue reading Microsoft vs the long arm of US law


Cloud + data = empowerment?

Data in the cloud gets a lot of press, including on this blog. And rightly so - recent revelations demonstrate there is a case to ensure data is used and controlled properly in cloud. Now a senior UK judge has said privacy laws need rewriting for the modern age and, of course, the EU Commission is… Continue reading Cloud + data = empowerment?


Beware – cloud customers are changing

I act for a number of cloud providers. I also act for customers looking to buy cloud services. This gives me a great insight into what customers are asking for from their providers. When I act for providers I pass this information on to them so they can take a view as to whether and… Continue reading Beware – cloud customers are changing