Is NSA killing cloud?

The future of cloud is dark?

Much copy has been given to the Snowden revelations and there has been widespread ire at the practices of NSA and GCHQ. In fact, Yahoo has said it will switch from London to Ireland to avoid snooping and the UK government was so concerned that it would lose intel it summoned Yahoo to a meeting.

The revelations have caused a wider wobble in cloud adoption and this is shown by a a recent report by NTT Communications (PDF). NTT surveyed 1,000 ICT decision-makers in UK and USA as well as France, Germany, Hong Kong. For example, 62% of those not currently using cloud feel the revelations have prevented them from moving their ICT into the cloud. And 97% of EU ICT decision-makers now prefer buying a cloud service which is located in their region. 84% feel they need more training on data protection laws. I agree.

It’s important to put this into perspective. Go visit the full post on Compare the Cloud to find out how.

Don’t give up now. Cloud is about to get interesting.


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