NSA, GCHQ and even Donald Trump are all after your data

As production and usage of data keeps growing globally, it’s worth remembering that the US government wants access to your information and will use warrants, decryption or hacking to get to it. That’s not news and the US government has many tools in its box. Many had already heard of the Uniting and Strengthening America … Continue reading NSA, GCHQ and even Donald Trump are all after your data


Dispelling German data myths

UK and US cloud service providers know that Germany has considerable growth potential for cloud computing services but some say they have been told German data protection laws prohibit any data transfer to data centres outside Germany. This misunderstanding is often erroneously spread by people who haven't read the law or who are repeating internal … Continue reading Dispelling German data myths

Cloud contract risks reduced – workshop done!

  Last week we had a packed room with delegates who attended the cloud contracts workshop in London. A mixture of providers and customers allowed a healthy debate of the common issues. Customers learned where the risks are in cloud contracts and how to overcome them. Providers learned where the flash points are for customers and … Continue reading Cloud contract risks reduced – workshop done!

Microsoft vs the long arm of US law

Hey you, get off of our cloud The US government can get access to your data stored outside the United States. A controversial ruling by the New York District Court made it clear earlier this year just how far US warrants can extend. The judge ruled that Microsoft had to hand over customer data it … Continue reading Microsoft vs the long arm of US law

Cloud Law Demystified

Cloud has many advantages but it also carries risk if not managed properly. Often people find law confusing or criticise it for it's lack of clarity or that it doesn't keep up with technology. Earlier this year I ran a campaign on Twitter with Cloud Channel TV using the tag #AskFrankJ and they filmed my answers. Off the back of … Continue reading Cloud Law Demystified

Emergency UK data law

The announcement of the UK government’s push to pass a new data retention law, aka DRIP, sparked great controversy with privacy campaigners and has made quite an impact on social media. Go visit my article on The Stack for more info. The law has since been passed with even the UN saying it is hard … Continue reading Emergency UK data law

Microsoft data ruling avoids dealing with foreign governments

I wrote about the Microsoft ruling when the story first broke but it left me with questions. The judgment answers some of those questions. Microsoft locates a customer's data in the data centre nearest to the customer and, according to the judgment, doesn't keep a copy in the US. This is partially to reduce network … Continue reading Microsoft data ruling avoids dealing with foreign governments