Google reacts to EU data ruling

Speech bubbleThe EU court ruling against Google in favour of a form of right to be forgotten has been highly topical, more so than the recent ruling invalidating the Data Retention Directive.

Following the ruling Google has published its webform that users can fill out to request the removal of their data. Google has not yet finalised its implementation of this removal policy so this is very much a form to fill in to prove you are the data subject — that is, the correct person — and to provide information about the weblinks you object to. There is no timescale yet as to when Google will start processing your request.

Further, Larry Page, Google’s chief exec has admitted this ruling caught them unawares and expressed concern that “It will be used by other governments that aren’t as forward and progressive as Europe to do bad things.” As if dodgy governments didn’t have enough powers, the EU court could be making it even easier to repress information.

Interestingly, though, Page seems to be advocating a more conciliatory approach, praising the EU’s “vigilance” following the Snowden revelations and admitting they (Google) need to be more accommodating of European interests.

UPDATE 31/05/14: Apparently there have already been more than 12,000 removal requests. Predictable outcome of the ruling. Google will have its work cut out trying to assess these.

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