Cloud Law Demystified

Cloud Law DemystifiedCloud has many advantages but it also carries risk if not managed properly. Often people find law confusing or criticise it for it’s lack of clarity or that it doesn’t keep up with technology.

Earlier this year I ran a campaign on Twitter with Cloud Channel TV using the tag #AskFrankJ and they filmed my answers. Off the back of this, I wrote a whitepaper expanding upon those answers focusing on questions such as:

  • Does a US provider’s EULA adequately protect a UK corporation’s interests?
  • How is it possible to automate the contract process to make buying cloud on demand instantaneous?
  • How you can de-risk moving to the cloud?
  • What is the biggest misconception about cloud law and what happens if my cloud provider goes bust?

Please note, Cloud Law Demystified is no longer available.

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