Should we be concerned with Cloud Security?

With more businesses adopting cloud technologies and rising data protection laws, should SMEs be concerned over cloud security? Businesses should take proactive steps to protect their data. Not surprisingly, data security (“Is my data safe?”) and data sovereignty / residency (“Where is my data?”) are key concerns raised by businesses contemplating a move to cloud… Continue reading Should we be concerned with Cloud Security?


Public cloud has risks

Public cloud has risksPublic cloud can be a great solution but it carries risks. If you know what they are then you can manage them. This short video explains. I will be covering how to manage your risks in public cloud contracts in my workshop on 1 October. There are a few places left but you'd… Continue reading Public cloud has risks


Cloud Law Demystified

Cloud has many advantages but it also carries risk if not managed properly. Often people find law confusing or criticise it for it's lack of clarity or that it doesn't keep up with technology. Earlier this year I ran a campaign on Twitter with Cloud Channel TV using the tag #AskFrankJ and they filmed my answers. Off the back of… Continue reading Cloud Law Demystified


Beware – cloud customers are changing

I act for a number of cloud providers. I also act for customers looking to buy cloud services. This gives me a great insight into what customers are asking for from their providers. When I act for providers I pass this information on to them so they can take a view as to whether and… Continue reading Beware – cloud customers are changing