Cloud provider goes bust. Now what?

You’ve entrusted your data to a cloud. This has allowed you to sell off (or scrap) your legacy hardware. You’ve got some new, up-to-date software applications. Maybe you have also outsourced all or part of your IT team. You no longer have to manage and maintain the bulk of your hardware, software and data. You … Continue reading Cloud provider goes bust. Now what?


Host your cloud in the UK

You run a successful cloud business outside Europe and are now looking to set up your EMEA operation. But where do you choose? The UK is in your top 5 choices but is it the best option? Or must you set up in Germany because you’ve heard German data can’t be held outside the country? … Continue reading Host your cloud in the UK

Cloud contract risks reduced – workshop done!

  Last week we had a packed room with delegates who attended the cloud contracts workshop in London. A mixture of providers and customers allowed a healthy debate of the common issues. Customers learned where the risks are in cloud contracts and how to overcome them. Providers learned where the flash points are for customers and … Continue reading Cloud contract risks reduced – workshop done!

5 lessons from Phones4U

The administration of Phones4U has raised many questions in the press and these questions are relevant to the cloud sector too. How is it possible to be part of a group that turned over more than £1 billion in 2013 and with profits of £105 milion and still fail? Has there been a concerted effort by … Continue reading 5 lessons from Phones4U

Reducing your cloud contract risks – workshop

In my last post I commented on the state of regulation of cloud in the UK. Where does this leave you? My paper Cloud Law Demystified is a good place to start. We all know that a failure to have water-tight cloud contracts can be expensive, risky and potentially damaging to your brand if they go … Continue reading Reducing your cloud contract risks – workshop

Cloud Law Demystified

Cloud has many advantages but it also carries risk if not managed properly. Often people find law confusing or criticise it for it's lack of clarity or that it doesn't keep up with technology. Earlier this year I ran a campaign on Twitter with Cloud Channel TV using the tag #AskFrankJ and they filmed my answers. Off the back of … Continue reading Cloud Law Demystified

Fujitsu sues IBM for bad faith. Does that even exist?

This is not strictly about cloud, but it applies to cloud contracts nonetheless and it's worth a read. Fujitsu sued IBM in the UK for breach of good faith and for lost revenues of £37m. They weren't entirely successful and although it's only a preliminary ruling so far, the court has provided some interesting guidance. DVLA entered … Continue reading Fujitsu sues IBM for bad faith. Does that even exist?