PRISM: What do we know now and what should we do?

Our understanding of government surveillance changed in June 2013 when The Guardian published the first revelations of the NSA’s PRISM and GCHQ’s Tempora snooping programmes. My post that same month on Compare the Cloud Help! NSA has my data –  sought to introduce calm against a background of extensive blanket surveillance which has generally been greeted with alarm.

June is a long time ago in the world of cloud, so what do we know now? In my follow up post, I address many of the queries I’ve been asked since June.

1. Will the EU Data Protection Regulation stop NSA and GCHQ snooping on me?

2. Should we abandon the Safe Harbor scheme?

3. Should I abandon cloud?

4. Should security agency powers be curtailed?

5. Should the EU adopt its own cloud?

6. Why don’t the legislators act quicker to help cloud?

7. So, how do I prevent security agencies snooping on me?

8. Should I just stop panicking and carry on with my business?

Go visit the post at Compare the Cloud for my answers.

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