Webinar: Digital Transformation lessons to learn from lockdown

I’m hosting a webinar at 10am on 14 July and 3pm on 16 July about digital transformation.

At Wallace, we transformed our business to enable our staff to work from home. You have probably done the same at your business, possibly by hurriedly implementing new software or services to allow your business to continue during the lockdown. If so, you should now evaluate what you’ve signed up to. In particular:

  • Do you know what your remedy is if the new service suffers an outage?
  • Have you signed up to no/low obligation “as is” service?
  • Are low value service credits your sole remedy and are they even
  • worth claiming – or has the service provider excluded all liability?
  • Do they handle and store your data in a GDPR-compliant manner?
  • What happens to your IT staff if you’ve effectively outsourced your IT?
  • What is your plan if your new provider goes bust and how can you get your data back?

25 minute discussion from Frank
20 minute interactive Q&A

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