New year, new start

No-1-Portland-Place-sign1-450x300In my last post of 2014, I hinted that 2015 will bring some big changes not just in the legal space but also for The Cloud Lawyer himself.

Well, first up, here’s my news. I’ve moved to Wallace LLP, a firm in central London. I’ll still be advising cloud providers and customers looking to buy cloud on how to manage their risks in selling / buying cloud solutions.

So, that includes:

  • writing robust cloud contracts for providers
  • writing more balanced contracts for cloud customers
  • advising on data security & location
  • the (dis)advantages of “as is” service & service credits
  • how to address the issue raised by 2e2 about what to do if the cloud provider becomes insolvent

My colleagues will cover the other legal issues – hiring & firing employees, funding or selling the business, acquiring or disposing of real estate, settling disputes or bringing legal action. I’ll also be staging another cloud contracts workshop following on from the successful session last October. I’ve updated my contact details. Oh, and the blog’s about to get a refresh too.

On the other developments 2015 will bring, check back soon for my top 5 legal developments in 2015 (spoiler alert, the Microsoft case will feature!), my new co-written whitepaper on using the cloud securely and more.

Stay tuned. 2015 will be another busy year…

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