How to Sell Cloud and Shift all the Risk to Customers. (An Exposé!)

In an earlier post on Compare the Cloud I identified the types of risks that I tell customers they should address in cloud contracts. I also advise cloud providers – and they are generally willing to have an open dialogue with customers about the risks associated with cloud. This is because to give a customer the safer, more reliable cloud that they desire, it is actually an opportunity for a cloud provider to sell a better specified, more expensive cloud.

I have written a follow up post to tell cloud providers how to sell cloud without taking on any of the risk. Of course, if you’re the type of cloud provider who wants to know how to differentiate yourself in the market, then you can address these issues as these are the ones the customers are concerned about. It addresses these issues:

1. “As is”

2. Service credits

3. Lock in

4. Data loss

5. Cap your risk

 Go visit the post at Compare the Cloud for the detail.

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