7 steps in contract negotiations

You’re spending money on your IT. Your organisation needs digital transformation. So you’re divesting your legacy infrastructure. Outsourcing your IT to one or more clouds & SaaS. You’re getting rid of the (bulk of) your IT team and moving your data online. Maybe you’re saving money, or maybe you’re spending more to get the right transformation.

You’ve got your work cut out and it’s not without its risks. I gave a talk recently to a number of CIOs/CTOs about what steps they should take to address the risks. I talked about 7. Here they are in the order I discussed them. But your order of priorities might be different.

1. SLA

2. Service credits

3. Loss of control

4. Data

5. Termination & migration

6. DR & insolvency

7. Audit & inspection

Want more detail? Ask me for my handout summarising the issues.

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