Future of the Law

man-303792_1280Recently I published the thoughts of a 15-year-old wanna-be lawyer. A 12-year-old also came in for a day’s work experience with me. Here’s her take on how she sees the future developing. Spoiler alert: she’s also not convinced that we’ll have Robo Lawyers in the immediate future.

I am a 12-year-old and I want to become a lawyer when I’m older. The law has many aspects to it, for instance, you could be a solicitor, judge, barrister etc. For me the part of the law that most interests me is being a barrister this is because you have the desk job and seeing clients but you also get to stand up in front of the court and argue their side. The aspect I find most interesting is criminal law and I would definitely prefer to prosecute rather than defend because I want to put criminals in jail!

Many of the simpler tasks will be done by computers. For example, buying a house will become as easy as buying a mobile phone. Writing your will can be handled more quickly by online tools (including tax planning).

When my parents were younger, they didn’t have much technology such as mobile phones, super-fast internet, 100 TV channels, video and music on demand or satnav. My generation has all these and we don’t just talk into our mobile phones, we can talk to them and they respond. Therefore, I think we will see other changes such as secretaries will not be needed. Instead, you would just talk to a device and it will automatically type and book meetings! We will not need to drive or own cars as they will completely drive themselves and you would only have to tell them your destination, therefore the taxi drivers, coach drivers and lorry drivers will not be needed. Contactless payments on mobile phones and smartwatches will completely take over from cash and cards.

Straightforward legal work will be done by computers but we’ll always need lawyers because there will always be complex contracts between different businesses. We will always get injuries that we don’t think are our fault and there will always be criminals that need to be rightfully charged, and so to try and put the law industry out of business wouldn’t work.

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