GDPR Fact Sheet

GDPR Fact Sheet front page

As awareness grows about GDPR, more people are asking me about it and how I can help. My fact sheet should help. It covers a range of issues:

  • When does GDPR become enforceable?
  • Why is the law changing?
  • Does GPPR affect everyone?
  • What does GDPR entail?
  • Scope of personal data
  • GDPR principles of data processing
  • Lawfulness of processing
  • Appropriate technical or organisational measures
  • Data location and transfers
  • Other GDPR changes
  • Fines
  • Other enforcement powers
  • Data in the cloud
  • Will Brexit affect GDPR?
  • How do you comply with GDPR?

GDPR Assitance by Wallace LLPWe can assist you to become GDPR compliant. Of course, legal input alone is not sufficient. There’s no magic wand to fix everything and you need to look at your business as a whole. If you’d like a copy of the fact sheet click here and if you’d like to know how we can assist you click here.


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