GDPR: Tech & Law S1/E3

TTech & Law Episode 3he General Data Protection Regulation is the big topic at the moment. In episode 1 of Technology & the Law we looked at GDPR in relation to data location. In episode 3 we looked more broadly at GDPR issues. There is no magic wand which a consultant can wave to make you GDPR compliant: you can’t just buy yourself into GDPR compliance. This is not a tick box exercise. Oh, and Brexit won’t affect GDPR. The panel consisted of:
– Me (Frank Jennings, Wallace LLP)
– Avril Chester, Scope
– Chris Cooper, KnowNow
– Martin Warren, NetApp

If you didn’t see it live, watch the recording. And don’t forget, you can see the 5 other episodes online too.

Watch all episodes here:

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