Have you got your .London domain?

WebDo domain suffixes matter anymore? If everyone uses a search engine to find what they need then the domain suffix is mostly irrelevant isn’t it? Would this blog be any different it it ended in .cloud or .london?

To ensure there are enough domains to go round, there are a bunch of new domain suffixes launching including, you guessed it, .cloud and .london. The Cloud Industry Forum objected to proposals by Symantec, Amazon, and Google to run .cloud as a private domain and I voiced my own concerns that allowing one cloud company to run the domain could be anti-competitive. This objection wasn’t directly successful and .cloud looks set to launch Q3 2015 but it looks like it will be open to all comers. So, success of a sort. Watch this page for the latest.

In the meantime .london domain registrations start selling tomorrow, 29 April so if you want yours, you’d better apply quick…

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