Cloud Service Contracts Our expert lawyer tells you what you should look out for

Cloud means no software.  Cloud offers flexibility and scalability.  Cloud is cheaper and more resilient than on-premise IT. We’ve all heard about these – and no doubt other benefits of cloud too.

It’s very easy to start using cloud services and to get these benefits.  You can even bypass your CIO by using your credit card to buy a cloud service direct. But do you check what you’re getting before you sign up? All too often, customers ask the really important questions after they have adopted cloud.

In this, my first post for Compare the Cloud, I identify an FAQ of risks in cloud contracts that customers should be asking. And guess what? Reputable cloud providers don’t mind you asking.

1. Will the provider negotiate the contract?
2. What service guarantees will the provider make?
3. What risks does the customer bear?
4. What should I look out for?
5. Can I sue my cloud provider for a service failure?
6. How do I change provider?
7. Is insurance worth getting?
8. Can a lawyer provide any guidance on this?

Go visit the post on Compare the Cloud for the detail.

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