CLOUD Act slaps down Microsoft

There's been a big development in the DoJ v Microsoft case which we've covered before. This is the case where the DoJ had been seeking to rely upon a broad interpretation of legislation passed before email and cloud services became prominent to get access to data held in Microsoft's Dublin datacentre. As part of this ongoing… Continue reading CLOUD Act slaps down Microsoft


Data update in EU & US

EU The European Court of Justice recently ruled that the general and indiscriminate retention of data is incompatible with the E-Privacy Directive. This was in relation to the now defunct UK Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Act but will put pressure on its replacement, the Investigatory Powers Act 2016. The EU Commission has published a new draft E-Privacy Regulation to… Continue reading Data update in EU & US


Safe Harbour is invalid

The Advocate General of the EU Court of Justice has given an opinion (PDF) in relation to a transfer of data by Facebook from Ireland to the USA that the Safe Harbour regime is invalid. This opinion stems from the very reason that caused the EU to open the renegotiations on Safe Harbour in the first place.… Continue reading Safe Harbour is invalid


Cloud standards get closer: 5 topics for 2015

Cloud, Big Data, the Internet of Things are among the hottest topics that vendors are driving in 2015. In this 5-part series, I highlight five legal developments that are worth tracking. 5. Cloud standards get closer There are numerous attempts to introduce cloud standards. There are initiatives from the European Union, official standard-setting organisations such… Continue reading Cloud standards get closer: 5 topics for 2015