Safe Harbour is invalid

The Advocate General of the EU¬†Court of Justice¬†has given an opinion (PDF) in relation to a transfer of data by Facebook from Ireland to the USA that the Safe Harbour regime is invalid. This opinion stems from the very reason that caused the EU to open the renegotiations on Safe Harbour in the first place.… Continue reading Safe Harbour is invalid


Safe Harbor opinion from Advocate General is out

Breaking news: ECJ Advocate General says national authorities can suspend data transfers to US if use will violate EU rights. I'll write about this in more detail soon. Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at


US & Microsoft return to court over access to Dublin data

Finally, after going quiet for several months, the US Gov & Microsoft is set to return to court. The US government had obtained a court ruling under the US Stored Communications Act to allow it to gain access to data held in Microsoft's Dublin datacentre. Microsoft had resisted on the basis that Irish law should… Continue reading US & Microsoft return to court over access to Dublin data