Data security and loss of control killing cloud?

A recent poll shows that, despite booming cloud adoption rates, concerns over data security and privacy persist. Hang on, that's the same as every other poll I've read over the last 5 years. What's different about this is that attitudes seem to have hardened. The Cloud Industry Forum (disclosure - I chair their code of practice… Continue reading Data security and loss of control killing cloud?


Good governance in the cloud

The Economist Insights published my voiceover for good cloud governance for an animated video as part of their Mapping the cloud maturity curve feature. Take a look!


Data, data, everywhere

Data is always a hot topic in the cloud sector. Customers constantly rate data security as their number one concern when considering cloud adoption. And the Snowden revelations of what the US government has been up to have turned the heat up on the data analysis. Data regulation haggling The new EU Data Protection Regulation is… Continue reading Data, data, everywhere


Cloud standards leap forward?

I previously wrote about the misconception that the cloud sector needs standards, when in fact there are plenty of standards already. The UK Cloud Industry Forum's code of practice has been in operation since 2009 (disclosure - I chair the governance board that oversees the code of practice). The European Union Agency for Network and… Continue reading Cloud standards leap forward?