Should AWS certify under ISO27018?

AWS does not access, disclose or use customer content, including personal content, stored or processed in the AWS cloud. The customer is in control of that. This might explain why the AWS terms exclude liability for data loss. But Amazon's WorkMail and WorkDocs suites change that.  Amazon have ISO certifications already and they want to be … Continue reading Should AWS certify under ISO27018?


Microsoft Dublin – update on NY case?

St Patrick's Day seemed like an appropriate day for me to find out if there have been any further developments on the US government's attempts to get Microsoft to hand over data from its Dublin datacentre. Aside from the “friend of the court” / "amici curiae" briefs in support of Microsoft I reported on in … Continue reading Microsoft Dublin – update on NY case?

Can someone please standardise cloud standards?

As with any product, there are myriad ways of selling it and buying cloud services. While this extensive choice for customers means, in theory, they can pick and choose the type of cloud they want from a number of different providers, it also leads to confusion in the marketplace. If each cloud offering is slightly … Continue reading Can someone please standardise cloud standards?

Ain’t ain’t good English, innit

Apparently, today is National Grammar Day, in the USA at least. Lynne Truss would approve. At the risk of exposing myself to grammar pedants who stalk the internet - dictionary in hand - I'll hand over to Dilbert instead. Now, let's have another look at that cloud contract... Cloud question mark Image courtesy of Ventrilock at … Continue reading Ain’t ain’t good English, innit