Shared Parental Leave: Are you ready?

Have you got employees? If so, are you aware of the new shared parental leave provisions? In this guest post - a slight change to the normal news on this blog - employment law expert Louise Skehan tells you how to get to grips with them. All UK businesses need to get to understand the new shared… Continue reading Shared Parental Leave: Are you ready?


Getting ready for cloud – self-survey

I advise a number of cloud providers. I also advise those looking to buy cloud services. Each time, similar questions come up about cloud so I thought I'd collate them and present them as a self-survey. Are you getting ready for cloud? Are your customers ready for for cloud? Have a go: 9 questions - should take you… Continue reading Getting ready for cloud – self-survey


Host your cloud in the UK

You run a successful cloud business outside Europe and are now looking to set up your EMEA operation. But where do you choose? The UK is in your top 5 choices but is it the best option? Or must you set up in Germany because you’ve heard German data can’t be held outside the country?… Continue reading Host your cloud in the UK