Microsoft vs the long arm of US law

Hey you, get off of our cloud The US government can get access to your data stored outside the United States. A controversial ruling by the New York District Court made it clear earlier this year just how far US warrants can extend. The judge ruled that Microsoft had to hand over customer data it … Continue reading Microsoft vs the long arm of US law


5 lessons from Phones4U

The administration of Phones4U has raised many questions in the press and these questions are relevant to the cloud sector too. How is it possible to be part of a group that turned over more than £1 billion in 2013 and with profits of £105 milion and still fail? Has there been a concerted effort by … Continue reading 5 lessons from Phones4U

Who owns the data?

In a customer / supplier relationship who owns the data? It's obvious isn't it - the customer of course. In general, that's true, provided there are no assignments of rights in the provider's terms. As a customer, you do check the terms don't you? The data controller bears the primary responsibility for compliance with EU … Continue reading Who owns the data?

Keep an eye out for pitfalls

I recently gave a talk on managing legal risks in the cloud. This highlighted contractual pitfalls, new rules and new fines. For example, providing cloud services "as is" is almost certainly not going to prove sufficient for the customer that has moved, or wants to move, business-critical IT assets into the cloud. Customers need some degree … Continue reading Keep an eye out for pitfalls

Public cloud has risks

Public cloud has risksPublic cloud can be a great solution but it carries risks. If you know what they are then you can manage them. This short video explains. I will be covering how to manage your risks in public cloud contracts in my workshop on 1 October. There are a few places left but you'd … Continue reading Public cloud has risks