Cloud + data = empowerment?

Data in the cloud gets a lot of press, including on this blog. And rightly so - recent revelations demonstrate there is a case to ensure data is used and controlled properly in cloud. Now a senior UK judge has said privacy laws need rewriting for the modern age and, of course, the EU Commission is… Continue reading Cloud + data = empowerment?


Reducing your cloud contract risks – workshop

In my last post I commented on the state of regulation of cloud in the UK. Where does this leave you? My paper Cloud Law Demystified is a good place to start. We all know that a failure to have water-tight cloud contracts can be expensive, risky and potentially damaging to your brand if they go… Continue reading Reducing your cloud contract risks – workshop


Regulating the cloud

As yet, there are no cloud specific regulations or legislation in the UK. Of course we all know that Law Doesn't Keep up with Cloud... This doesn't mean cloud isn't regulated in the UK. So what have we got? Cloud contracts are governed by general contract law principles as amended by the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977… Continue reading Regulating the cloud


Cloud Law Demystified

Cloud has many advantages but it also carries risk if not managed properly. Often people find law confusing or criticise it for it's lack of clarity or that it doesn't keep up with technology. Earlier this year I ran a campaign on Twitter with Cloud Channel TV using the tag #AskFrankJ and they filmed my answers. Off the back of… Continue reading Cloud Law Demystified