Fujitsu sues IBM for bad faith. Does that even exist?

This is not strictly about cloud, but it applies to cloud contracts nonetheless and it's worth a read. Fujitsu sued IBM in the UK for breach of good faith and for lost revenues of £37m. They weren't entirely successful and although it's only a preliminary ruling so far, the court has provided some interesting guidance. DVLA entered … Continue reading Fujitsu sues IBM for bad faith. Does that even exist?



The content of the new emergency data retention law and the way it was rushed through Parliament continues to generate headlines. Now two MPs are looking to bring a judicial review challenge of DRIP, or Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Act 2014 to use its full name. Such a challenge would probably not take place before Autumn 2014. … Continue reading Drop DRIP

Emergency UK data law

The announcement of the UK government’s push to pass a new data retention law, aka DRIP, sparked great controversy with privacy campaigners and has made quite an impact on social media. Go visit my article on The Stack for more info. The law has since been passed with even the UN saying it is hard … Continue reading Emergency UK data law

Right to be forgotten means EU is like China

The European court ruling requiring Google and other search engines to remove links to legitimately published data continues. It has led to Google removing links to content on BBC News and The Guardian and subsequently reinstating some. Google sources say it is suffering teething problems in setting up this link removal tool. Cynics say Google is … Continue reading Right to be forgotten means EU is like China

Law doesn’t keep up with cloud

Agility in the cloud The law can't keep up with technology. It has always been like this. That doesn't mean you should avoid cloud. This short video explains.

Beware – cloud customers are changing

I act for a number of cloud providers. I also act for customers looking to buy cloud services. This gives me a great insight into what customers are asking for from their providers. When I act for providers I pass this information on to them so they can take a view as to whether and … Continue reading Beware – cloud customers are changing