Google reacts to EU data ruling

The EU court ruling against Google in favour of a form of right to be forgotten has been highly topical, more so than the recent ruling invalidating the Data Retention Directive. Following the ruling Google has published its webform that users can fill out to request the removal of their data. Google has not yet finalised its implementation … Continue reading Google reacts to EU data ruling


ICO reaction to Google ruling

The UK Information Commissioner has published a statement that it supports the Google ruling by the European Court of Justice. Their support is not surprising, of course,  although this same ruling has been the cause of much puzzlement and head scratching from some (including by me) to complete disbelief by others. The ICO points out 4 lessons … Continue reading ICO reaction to Google ruling

ICO’s new approach to data enforcement

ICO: A new approach to dealing with complaints and concerns The Information Commissioner's Office, the UK data protection regulator released a video on its new approach to handling complaints and concerns about data protection issues. They're looking to be open about actions they're taking while focusing on taking proportionate action and naming & shaming of … Continue reading ICO’s new approach to data enforcement

Insolvent customer? Try this tactic to get paid

Customers collapse owing money. You get to hear about how a customer who owes money to a business has gone into insolvency. All too often, you give the business a sympathetic ear but can do nothing to help them so quietly express relief that it hasn't happened to you. It happens a lot during recessions. … Continue reading Insolvent customer? Try this tactic to get paid

More forget me requests

Predictably since the court ruling last week Google has received more requests from individuals wishing to be forgotten and not surprisingly it's individuals with histories to hide including an ex-politician standing for re-election and a paedophile. If you didn't spot that ruling, see my earlier post. Google is reported to be working on an automatic … Continue reading More forget me requests

EU privacy ruling knocks Google

The  Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has ruled that Google must remove links to reports of Spanish citizen Mario Costeja Gonzalez's social security debts. Google has reacted to this saying: "This is a disappointing ruling for search engines and online publishers in general". This is effectively an endorsement by the CJEU of the "right … Continue reading EU privacy ruling knocks Google

Investing in cloud companies

As the economy continues to improve generally, opportunities are improving for investment, lending, trade sale and listings for tech and cloud businesses. Not everyone can command Facebook or WhatsApp valuations of course. With traditional bricks and mortar businesses, it is easy for investors or financial institutions to identify the assets as they're normally tangible - … Continue reading Investing in cloud companies