US can get your data. Anywhere

Here we go again! In developments which will cause more scrutiny of US legal powers, a US judge has ordered Microsoft to hand over emails held in Dublin. This is not the first time I've blogged on data security issues. This time it's the Stored Communications Act that is providing the power. Brad Smith, general counsel of… Continue reading US can get your data. Anywhere


Have you got your .London domain?

Do domain suffixes matter anymore? If everyone uses a search engine to find what they need then the domain suffix is mostly irrelevant isn't it? Would this blog be any different it it ended in .cloud or .london? To ensure there are enough domains to go round, there are a bunch of new domain suffixes… Continue reading Have you got your .London domain?


What on earth is a cloud lawyer?

Somebody asked me recently "What on earth is a cloud lawyer and how are you different to other lawyers"? That person hasn't seen the short video in my last post. Here's a fuller answer: What do I do as a cloud lawyer? I read the cloud contract. It's all too easy to just sign / click accept without reading… Continue reading What on earth is a cloud lawyer?


Do you need a cloud lawyer?

The cloud lawyer's role Do you need a cloud lawyer? Of course you do and this short video explains why!